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TÜNKERS Customer Magazine AuoFocus No. 3 | NIMAK Technology Centre | New manual combination clamp | EXPERT Slip ring | Electric clamps

All about mobility, Lightyear One - the solar car, stories about automation, vanished car brand Gurgel


Swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 | Rackchangersystem | Modular C-Frame System | LogiMAT from 31.05.-02.06.2022

The new TÜNKERS swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 combines two functions in one:
The component is positioned by an eccentric during the rotary movement. This is followed by the clamping stroke to hold the component securely. In contrast to other swing clamps, the rotation of the clamping arm takes place without movement in the clamping direction. In case of compressed air failure, the clamp remains closed.


Product Finder Vario Clamps | Competence for battery assembly | TMG 50 Magnetic Gripper | Turntable and Toolframe from one source | "TÜNKERS Body-in-White Club"

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TÜNKERS Symposium Part 6

In our last Symposium TV episode we presented some innovations and new products from TÜNKERS. Check out the full episode here:


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